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As Buffalo’s training camp opens, Bills head coach Doug Marrone says he’s seeing a much more confident E.J. Manuel than the one he saw last year.

“Truly night and day. He’s quite different and he’s different because he’s worked at it,” Marrone told The Jim Rome Show. “Now, instead of saying, ‘Hey, this is what we’re going to do, this is the offense.’ Now we’re telling him the whys – why we do things and if someone shifts us down, this is what we want to go to. Just his demeanor alone, we’ve been on the field once so far for a practice and we’ve had a walk-through, is quite different than it was a year before, to a point where we’re very excited to see the progression.”

The second-year head coach acknowledged that there are a lot of eyes on Manuel and it’s crucial for the team’s success that he has success, but Marrone also wants his quarterback to enjoy the game.

“The pressure that people put on these quarterbacks and even comparisons when they’re comparing them to the last great quarterback for Buffalo and people will mention Jim (Kelly) for that. But the great quarterbacks in this league and there are a couple, so I try to tell them to go out there and play have fun,” said Marrone. “But make no mistake about it, that position has to play well in order [for us] to win.”

Marrone also talked about the Hall of Famer Kelly’s mini-camp visit with the team. It was Kelly’s first public appearance since he finished radiation treatments for sinus cancer.

“Jim is obviously a part of our family, but he’s a part of the present team. He’s the greatest representative we have of this region,” said Marrone. “He sent a great message: football is a game, we play it and it’s a job, but what we can do for the people around us and the region. The fans supported Jim when he was player and they support him even more now in his battle against cancer. I think he was trying to explain to us the relationship that you can have as a professional football player with the region and the type of impact you have. No one had more impact than Jim Kelly.”

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It’s Rory’s World | KB Talks The Real World Chicago Reunion | Doug Marrone (NFL) Interview | Emails

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Info & Stats: Buffalo Bills Head Coach

All Topics: Opened Training Camp yesterday | Fired up for football | E.J. Manuel this year is night and day ahead of where he was last season | The quarterback position being so important | Jim Kelly speaking to the team | Kelly’s fight against cancer | Still in Marcell Dareus’ corner | Kiko Alonso injury | Sammy Watkins | Watkins having explosive qualities | Watkins’ maturity | Ralph Wilson | Wilson’s loyalty | Potential Buffalo owners | Bon Jovi

July 21st 2014

Doug on Training Camp starting: “I’m fired up.”

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It’s Rory’s world, everybody else is just hacking in it.

The 25 year-old just ripped the Jug, and he’s now just one green jacket short of the career grand slam. The Augusta tailors can go ahead and start cutting that thing right now, because Rory rocking it is a no doubter.  It’s not a question of if, but a matter of when.

And he didn’t win his 3rd major Sunday when he tapped in on 18; he won it Saturday when he piped in two eagles to close the show.  They should have just filled that Jug with Guinness, handed it to him right there and let him play Sunday hungover. It wouldn’t have mattered.  The dude went wire to wire and his Sunday 71 wasn’t a stumble- it was exactly what he needed.

And no he wasn’t freaky good like he was Thursday and Friday, but he didn’t need to be.  And if you were waiting for Rory to start gripping, stop breathing and drop a sequel to his 2011 Masters meltdown… you were begging. This king doesn’t have that collapse in him. Not anymore.

While Bubba, Hefty and the Cat struggled with Hoylake, Rory punked it.   He’s massive off the tee, he’s free of his lady, he’s the face of Nike, and he just made that look relatively easy.  And if he can keep it together on and off the course, we’re talking about a career grand slam by his mid-20s and one of the best ever to pick up the bats.

Enjoy those “adult beverages” champ.

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Tiger Woods had himself a weekend, didn’t he? Opened the tournament with a first round 69 and closed it by finishing in 69th place. Opened it by dropping JC bombs, closed it by dropping

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We’ve started the second half of the baseball season, and we’ve hit rock bottom for the baseball Code. – Compliments of Colby Lewis.

The Rangers pitcher had a little fit over the weekend, when Blue Jay Colby Rasmus laid down a bunt to beat the shift with 2 outs. And you would have thought the dude dropped a bunt to break up a perfect game. “I told Rasmus I didn’t appreciate it. You’re up by two runs with two outs and you lay down a bunt. I don’t think that’s the way the game should be played.”

Somebody call the WAHmbulance, ASAP. What would a Texas Ranger know about how the game should be played anyway?   You have the worst record in the Bigs and far away the sport’s biggest disappointment this season…You guys shifted. He beat it. You’re just bent about it. That’s not classless. It’s chess. You just lost.

Again, there’s no way to decipher baseball’s ridiculous code unless you’ve played at that level.  And I haven’t, but I know this: bunting with two outs, and a two run lead against the shift is not in violation of it.  Because what Lewis is really saying is, cowboy up, hit right into that shift and take your out like a MAN.  What a bag.

Lewis wasn’t done either- he said the fact that Rasmus didn’t steal to get into scoring position within the next two pitches just proves he was looking out for himself and his average.  Yeah…that… or maybe it’s the fact that he has 2 stolen bases all year. If anyone’s looking out for their own numbers its Lewis and his 6-3-7 ERA.

This is the lamest form of the code, and the worst take of the year from the worst team in baseball. Keep ‘code’ out of your mouth, Colb.

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As long as we’re talking code: I’d like to add another bylaw to the book. Write this down seam heads:  If you’re a closer, wait til the game is over before you reach for the quiver.  This shall be known as the Fernando Rodney Rule.

I know that dude grinds a lot of gears. The signature celebration, that insane brim tilt. Ask his haters, and F-Rod might as well be A-Rod.  In a sport of statues, he’s one of the only showmen. And especially since he leads the AL in saves… I get a kick out of the dude. But the Angels don’t. But in this case, I can’t say that I blame them. Because yesterday he tried to style a save after the 8th inning. He got out of a nasty jam, whipped out the “Air bow” and hit the Angels dugout with an arrow.  And then… they promptly hit him in the face in the 9th. Trout walk. Pujols hit. Hamilton hit. Another hit. Blown save. Ball game. And you know ‘Nando is under dude’s skin if Trouty and Big Al are jumping in and mocking him until seeing that, I didn’t even know Albert Pujols had a personality.

And Trout is the ultimate STRAIGHT Arrow- yet he was still shooting his across the infield.

Hey Hawkeye -you can’t open your archery range after the 8th… Especially if you have to retire those freaks in the 9th.  There’s your Rodney Rule for all closers- if you still have to face some of the era’s best hitters: Keep your hand out the quiver.

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Info & Stats: Los Angeles Dodgers General Manager

All Topics: Avoiding the sweep yesterday against St. Louis | Coming out of the All Star break | St. Louis Cardinals style of play | Cardinals pitching inside | Yasiel Puig missing Sunday’s game after being hit by a pitch | Puig’s adjustments | Clayton Kershaw’s play | The size of Kershaw’s contract | Kershaw starting the season hurt | Kershaw’s innings being down | Sandy Koufax-Kershaw comparisons | Matt Kemp wanting to play every day | Kemp in left field | Kemp’s health | 10 days out of the trade deadline

July 21st 2014

Ned on Matt Kemp saying he wants to play every day: “Everybody should want to play every day.”

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Brooklyn Net Andrei Kirilenko is known more for his wacky lettuce and even wackier relationship with his wife, than he is for his game.

The big Russian took just 4 shots per game last year but just landed about 10 on former coach Jason Kidd.

Kirilenko told a Russian tabloid that Kidd wasn’t up to the challenge in New York: “The pressure is huge. And Kidd couldn’t handle it. Or maybe didn’t want to.”

The Siberian Express going in on Kidd! And he wasn’t done. He summed up the Kidd Era in Brooklyn by saying “Basically, he was not able to do much of anything, if you look at the big picture – we have to admit that fact.”

Just like we have to ask the question, if Andrei Kirilenko cracks his coach from the end of the bench, does it make a sound?  Listen, I know Kidd left the Nets in a tough spot.  And I don’t condone the way he bounced.  And I’m not sure he could handle the pressure or not in New York.  But it’s pretty hilarious that some scrub at the end of the bench is the one calling him out.

What’s next Tyshawn Taylor calling him gutless and Marcus Teague smashing Kidd for being a coward.  Kirilienko should stick to doing what he does best, ripping his annual pass to cheat on his wife, rocking the worst lettuce in the league and the worst ink on earth.

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We have a winner!  There’s always one dude who shows up to training camp and becomes the first name to fail a conditioning test. It’s commonly known as the Albert Haynesworth Award. And Marcell Dareus just won it.

Buffalo – I know you’re still looking for a leader to step up on D after Kiko Alonso nuked his knee.  But it’s not going to be Dareus.  Not if he couldn’t even run a few gassers without keeling over.

You’d think if ANYBODY would start the season in shape- it would be a guy who spent the offseason in handcuffs.  Dareus got arrested for ganj and for street racing two days later.  If anything that should have been a wake-up call, it was slamming his Jaguar into a tree.

Instead, dude just hit the snooze button and came to camp out of shape.  Inexcusable. It’s not like you don’t see these tests coming.  Every level of football from Pop Warner to pro has them every summer. And for pro athletes- they’re not exactly the Iron Man. Run around the block a couple times before camp and you’ll pass it.  And a big-name player failing one usually produces two things:  Laugh-a-minute local fatties from wacky radio shows going out to the park to do the test… and head coaches getting extremely bent. In this case Doug Marrone can’t get mad because he can’t afford to. “Dareus has a good heart. We need him to play football for us.”

A good heart.  A big gut. Gassed lungs. A lead foot. And a sack of salad. I wish I could tell you different Buffalo… but Kiko’s not coming back, and Marcell’s not picking you up. See you at 7-9.

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