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UFC president Dana White believes former Strikeforce fighter and current actress Gina Carano will be signing an agreement with his promotion shortly.

“Really close, really, really close,” White told The Jim Rome Show. “We are a couple of minor points away from getting this deal done.”

White talked about the admiration current women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has for the Hollywood actress and the possibility of the two meeting in the octagon. Rousey has said that Carano is “the worst style matchup for me possible.”

“The thing with Gina Carano is, Ronda respects her so much. She’s like one of Ronda’s idols,” White said. “Ronda made this statement recently, ‘You want to keep working hard until your heroes become your opponents.’ I think that’s the way she looks at Gina Carano.”

White also talked about the Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier fight being moved to Jan. 3 after the light heavyweight champion injured his knee in practice.

“It drives me crazy,” White said of how Jones got hurt. “First of all he’s fighting a 5’ 10” unbelievable wrestler – that’s who he is facing in Daniel Cormier. [But] he’s training with 6’ 10” no-wrestling, all-standup kickboxer Alistair Overeem. And Alistair Overeem lands on his leg and busts his knee up and gives him a high ankle sprain. I mean I just don’t know why he would be training with Alistair Overeem for a fight when he’s going to fight a 5’ 10” wrestler. I don’t know, it’s frustrating.”

White’s history with Jones’ coach Greg Jackson has been well documented, but the president held back from letting Jackson know his feelings about the injury, until now.

“I wanted to pick the phone up about twenty times and call him and say ‘What are you doing? Why’s he training with Alistair Overeem to fight Daniel Cormier. Please tell me how that makes sense?’” said White. “But I didn’t. I bit my tongue, until right this second.”

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Info & Stats: Pittsburgh Pirates Utility Player

All Topics: NL Playoff race | This is a confident team | Gets amped up for everyone | A Cincinnati guy playing in Pittsburgh | Making his first All Star team this season | Playing multiple positons | Grown accustom to moving around the field | His uncle John Shelby | Shelby’s advice | Shuttling back and forth between the majors and Triple A the past few seasons |

Aug 29th 2014

Josh on the 2014 Pittsburgh Pirates: “We have a lot of confidence.”

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Hour 1

Derek Carr Should Be Starting | Andrew In Madison Calls In | Bruce Feldman (College Football) Interview | Short Segment 

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Info & Stats: UFC President

All Topics: UFC 177 Dillashaw vs. Barao II | Dillashaw destroying Barao in the first fight | Barao hadn’t lost in nine years before the Dillashaw fight | Weigh Ins today | Is Dillashaw in Barao’s head? | Staredowns | Jones vs. Cormier staredown went way too far |  Jones injuring his knee | Alistair Overeem injured Jones in practice | His history with Greg Jackson | Cormier has struck a nerve with Jones and vice versa | Really close to signing Gina Carano | Him being on GQ’s ‘sleaziest figures in sports’ list |  War Machine

Aug 29th 2014

Dana on a deal with Gina Carano: “Really, really close.”

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Info & Stats: FoxSports.com College Football Columnist

All Topics: Texas A&M’s beatdown of South Carolina | Kenny Hill’s play was impressive | South Carolina was overrated | Kevin Sumlin saying they’re not a one trick pony | Sumlin has a keen eye for offensive coaches | Sumlin’s future at A&M | Sumlin’s contract | Thinks Sumlin will be at A&M for a few more seasons | Sumlin being well connected in NFL circles | Josh Shaw situation at USC | USC having themselves an embarrassing scandal | Josh Shaw hiring a lawyer | His back and forth with Shaw’s lawyer | USC’s Anthony Brown quitting and calling Steve Sarkisian a racist | Clemson vs. Georgia

Aug 29th 2014

Bruce on if South Carolina was overrated: “Yeah, obviously they were.”

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Following his split with Tiger Woods this week, swing coach Sean Foley has come under fire from critics for the lack of success their partnership had recently achieved. Hunter Mahan, who won The Barclays on Sunday and is another Foley pupil, finds that criticism irritating.

“It seems quickly they forgot last year, how great [Woods] was playing and how good he looked and a genius Sean was,” Mahan told The Jim Rome Show.

Mahan said the 14-time major winner’s problem isn’t Foley, it’s his health.

“Tiger’s hurt, there’s just no other way to say it. He’s not healthy and it’s hard to swing and hard to do anything when you’re not healthy, especially when you have a back problem in the game of golf,” said Mahan. “I think Sean Foley is a fantastic teacher. He’s done great things for myself, Justin Rose and numerous players. I think his resume speaks for itself.”

As for Mahan’s play he hopes his win at The Barclays, the opening FedEx Cup playoff event, helps his chances of being selected by captain Tom Watson to represent his country at the Ryder Cup next month.

“I think the Ryder Cup picks are wide open. There are quite a few guys and no one has really been able to make that huge splash the last few weeks,” said Mahan. “Wins matter in golf. Top 5’s are great, Top 10’s are great, but really nobody cares unless you win and to make a big statement like that I think it sent a great message to Captain Watson.”

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Josh Shaw Is Not A Hero |  Derek Anderson (NBA) Interview | Anderson Reaction | USC Looks Bad

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Big shock here in SoCal. Josh Shaw didn’t pull a kid out of the pool. But he did shove USC’s heads under water.

And the Trojans have a new record. Last year it took them two weeks and a home loss to Washington State to embarrass themselves. This year they took care of it before opening kickoff.

Shaw finally admitted what we’ve all known since Tuesday – that he’s not a hero, he just has a huge imagination, two jacked ankles and an indefinite suspension. Oh- and he also has an attorney. For what- to sue the building he fell off of? Shaw’s hired Donald Etra, the same lawyer who’s repped Snoop and Rihanna. Etra says of his new client “Intelligent people hire lawyers.” No…Desperate people do. Intelligent people don’t lie about falling off balconies.

In fact, intelligent people don’t fall off balconies period. And they definitely don’t scream from the rooftops when one of their players shows up injured and drops a whopper about Baywatching some kid.

But, USC did. They bought Shaw’s hogwash, quickly re-sold it to the masses and now they look horrible. Perpetuating that loss way worse then Lane Kiffin deflating footballs or UCLA blowing their doors off.

Heckuva of a run the cardinal and gold are on right now. Sledgehammer sanctions, a ripped Heisman, a Vegas Bowl invite, a Sun Bowl LOSS, a firing at the airport, fake superheroes, and fake tough guys. This season was supposed to be a new beginning, but the Trojans have already hit a new low. USC SMH.

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Great, Shaw lied.  Now tell us something we didn’t already know.  Such as what did really happen.

We know Shaw didn’t snap his ankles trying to save some kid, so how did he do it?  You can’t make up some incredible story, and make yourself out to be a hero, admit that it was all a big lie and then just expect the whole thing to just go away.

We know what didn’t happen, but we don’t know what did.

USC does, but they’re not saying.  And if they’re not saying and Shaw is lawyering up, then I’m going to assume it was pretty bad.

And enough from USC about how of course, we believed Shaw, he’s a great guy.  Great guys don’t just fall off balconies and lie about it.  And if he’s such a great guy why aren’t any of his teammates coming to his defense.

In fact, according to TMZ Sports, at least one got in his grill yesterday demanding to know why he lied and the two had to be separated. And I’m sure that player isn’t the only one who feels that way.  Because while Lane Kiffin is gone, USC is still a national punching bag and a laughingstock thanks to Josh Shaw.

I’m gonna say this for the first time. And no chance it’s the last time. COACH ‘EM UP SARK.

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The second news broke that Josh Gordon’s season-long suspension had been upheld, social networking became a contest to see who could be the most bent about it.

Browns fans showed up furious, because they hoped Gordon would get off with 8-10 games and come back in November on a white horse to take the AFC North. Like somehow that lettuce-baker game breaker was going to be your mid-season missing piece. For what- 8-8? You guys could get Aaron Rodgers and Calvin Johnson and you’d still be missing 6 pieces for the playoffs.

And then there were the potheads screaming about a man not being able to make his living because he smoked something that grows out of the ground. Maybe- but to Boss Goodell’s burning the plant is a felony. In Rog’s world, smoking a doobie isn’t far off from smoking a fool with an uzi.

But maybe yesterday’s most furious group of losers were the fantasy football goobers. The draft day daredevils who who took Gordon in the 15th and thought it was a masterstroke. You know you dudes slapped that sticker on the board and said CHAMPIONSHIP! Yeah, you’re a real Tom Dimitroff there, ace. Too bad you wasted a pick on a weed addict. You’re the same guy who drafted Aaronthal last fall because you thought all that noise would blow over.  Gordon’s not winning any more games for “I Dream of Mangini” or “Johnny Unite Us” than he is for the Cleveland Browns.

And if you thought he was your ace in the hole, then you’re higher than he is.

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