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San Jose Sharks Take A Big Step | Stoner 4/20 Love | Derek Carr (NFL) Interview | Quick’s Bad Night

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On Tuesday, former Fresno State star Derek Carr said he was “absolutely” the best quarterback in this year’s draft class. On Friday, he was still standing by that assertion.

“I’m never going to say that they should pick someone before me or that I don’t think that I’m better than someone, just as a competitor, that’s with all due respect for those guys,” Carr told The Jim Rome Show. “I’m not trying to be arrogant at all, that’s not who I am. But you have to be confident to play this position and I absolutely do believe it.”

The two-time Mountain West Conference offensive player of the Year was asked if he thinks he will be the first quarterback selected on May 8th.

“Going into it, I hope so,” said Carr. “I think that I’ve tried to prove that to the teams and hopefully that one team that matters, that falls in love with you, hopefully they know I’m their guy and when it’s their turn to pick, that they will choose [me].”

Carr’s heard reports of Cleveland’s interest in him and says he would be happy to make that his home.

“It would be an honor. It would be a blessing,” said Carr. “That city is going to get absolutely every ounce of effort I got. “

The projected first round pick also explained why he’s decided to stay Bakersfield for training instead of going to other world class facilities, like other top prospects. The reasoning goes back to a little film from 1985.

“We always think of it as the other places are like the Russians and where we work out is kind of where Rocky was working out, in the shed, or in the woods, pulling logs,” said Carr. “For me, I like to stay home. I like to keep it in the family. I want to work in a comfortable environment where I can help the young high school kids, the young middle school kids and, at the same time, work on making my game better.”

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Info & Stats:  Detroit Tigers Manager

All Topics: 12 games into his managerial career | Nothing’s really shocked him so far as a manager | Being second guessed is part of the job | Torii Hunter’s failed bunt | Getting such a great job to start his managerial career | Following in Jim Leyland’s footsteps | Being himself as a manager | His pitching staff | Ian Kinsler | Kinsler understands the grind |

Apr 18th 2014

Brad on Ian Kinsler: “He brings it all to the park.”

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Info & Stats: Los Angeles Clippers Guard

All Topics: NBA Playoffs | Facing Golden State in the first round | Friction between the two teams? | Don’t take the playoffs for granted | Doc Rivers being the MVP of the team | Doc coaching Chris Paul and Blake Griffin the same as everyone else | In contention for another 6th Man of the Year Award | Had to get use to coming off the bench | Growing up in Seattle | His crossover | Isiah Thomas | Having his own shoe |

Apr 18th 2014

Jamal on making the playoffs: “I don’t take it for granted.”

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Info & Stats:  NFL Quarterback Prospect

All Topics: NFL Draft | Crazy couple months | Feels like he’s the best quarterback in the class | Confident not arrogant | His work ethic | Playing in a spread and pro-style offense in his college career | His dog, Bruce Wayne | Hopes to be the first quarterback selected | Talk about his brother signing with the team he’s drafted by | His brother’s NFL career | Cleveland Browns interest | His son Dallas is doing great | Leaning towards staying home for the draft

Apr 18th 2014

Derek on if he will be the first quarterback selected in the draft: “I hope so.”

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Houston general manager Daryl Morey knew the Rockets were getting a good player when he traded for James Harden in 2012, but even he didn’t expect the former Sixth Man of the Year to be this good.

“He’s better than everyone thought,” Morey told The Jim Rome Show. “We thought he was going to be a good player, but I think he’s the best shooting guard in the game. I think he’s going to get first team All-NBA – no one can really predict that [at the time of the trade].”

Speaking of predictions, Morey had one about his latest big name addition, Dwight Howard. The center, who has just returned from an ankle injury, will make his playoff debut as a Rocket on Sunday against Portland, and the GM is expecting big things.

“I think he’s going to have the best playoffs of his career,” said Morey.

Morey also addressed the season-long debate about tanking and said it’s a smart strategy, and one that the Rockets considered when Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady left, but ultimately decided it ran counter to what their organization is about.

“We talked about it with ownership. I do actually think going the route of a really heavy rebuild and dipping really high in the draft, I do think that actually is the most optimal strategy,” said Morey. “But you know we had a lot of very good players when Tracy and Yao went out so there are a couple things. Number one, we didn’t think we could get that (high of a pick) even if we wanted. Two, you know Kevin McHale well, you don’t know myself as well, [but] we’re really competitive people and our owner (Les Alexander) is an unbelievable competitor. He’s owned the team 22 years [and] we’ve won 19 of those years. So just the whole idea of adopting that strategy was just really dead on arrival. It was my job to explore it and sort of consider it, but that was pretty DOA when I talked to ownership, Kevin and myself.”

Morey also said he has no problem taking advice from anywhere, including message boards.

“If you look at other industries, often the die-hard fans and the crowd does have a lot of ideas and you are stupid to ignore them,” said the analytics guru. “Now do we reject 99 percent of what we read? Sure, but every once in a while, there’s a die-hard fan, a smart fan, a poster who can give you an idea. We’re just looking for the best idea, we don’t really care where they come from.”

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Masahiro Tanaka’s New York Adjustment | CJ2K Headed To Jets | Daryl Morey (NBA) Interview | Short Segment

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Info & Stats:  Quarterback Engineer

All Topics: Working with Johnny Manziel | Meeting Johnny a few years ago | Johnny’s passion was apparent right away | Knew Johnny was different right away | Johnny’s arm strength | Johnny’s running ability | Johnny is no more susceptible to injury than anyone else | Manziel’s pro day | Manziel working out with pads | Johnny off the field enhances him | Johnny’s had to deal with distractions already | George’s back story | Tiffin University | Explains how became a quarterback guru | Changing his training regiment |

Apr 17th 2014

The quarterback guru talks about working with Johnny Football.

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Info & Stats: Houston Rockets General Manager

All Topics: We’re healthy heading into the playoffs | Dwight Howard coming back from injury | Facing Portland in the first round of the playoffs | Needing to bring their defense against Portland | Defending Portland | James Harden’s big numbers | Harden’s better than anyone thought | Thinks Harden is best two guard in the game | Chandler Parsons could be that 3rd good player on a title contender | Patrick Beverley’s game | Patrick being from the mean streets of Chicago | Damian Lillard is a great player |  This teams integration | Being the youngest team in the playoffs | The percentage of teams not trying to win in the NBA? | The system is structured to tank | Them not going the route of a heavy rebuild when Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady left the team | Message boards

Apr 17th 2014

Daryl on James Harden: “I think he’s the best shooting guard in the game.”

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Info & Stats: New York Post Yankees Beat Writer

All Topics: Masahiro Tanaka’s poise is real | Tanaka’s smooth transition to the Majors | C.C. Sabathia | Sabathia is trying to learn how to pitch with what he has now | Michael Pineda | Pineda and Tanaka being young | Derek Jeter | 40 year old shortstops | Covering Jeter for two decades | Jeter’s privacy | Jeter’s confidence | Alex Rodriguez’s ego | Jeter and Mariano Rivera’s self-confidence | Daryl Strawberry | Two chapters of Strawberry’s career |

Apr 17th 2014

Joel on Masahiro Tanaka: “His poise is real.”

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