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Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson responded to Richard Sherman’s retweet about the Seattle All-Pro and Peterson allowing 8 touchdowns passes in 2013 and Peterson giving up seven of those.

“If you watch film, I only give up touchdowns only in the red zone. It’s always on rub routes, so teams scheme against me, that’s what happens,” Peterson told The Jim Rome Show. “When you go up against receivers down in the red zone, the number one guy, they start scheming against you. They start rubbing run routes against me and making it hard for me to get to the freaking play. I believe I gave up three straight up touchdowns with just me and the receiver. Obviously that’s too many in my eyes, but the other four were strictly off rub routes.”

Peterson says he’s having a good time with the back and forth with Sherman on social media, but isn’t sure if that feeling is mutual.

“It seems personal but I’m having fun with it. I don’t have any hard feelings,” said Peterson. “[There's] no beef with Sherman, I think it’s fun. I think it’s fun for the fans to see two cornerbacks, not only competing on the field, but off the field as well. We both have aspirations of being in the Hall of Fame and being recognized as the GOAT. I think it’s good for the game.”

Asked if he feels like he’s the best cornerback in football, Peterson pointed out the contract he signed makes him the highest paid player at the position.

“I’m paid like the best cornerback in the game,” said the 24-year-old. “My answer will never change if somebody asks me if I’m the best cornerback in the game? There’s no doubt in my mind I believe I’m the best cornerback in the game and the contract kind of solidifies that.”

The 3-time Pro Bowler said Sherman is a great corner, but explained what separates him from his rival.

“He has great ball skills, good hands, he has a very good press technique,” said Peterson. “But what I think separates me and Sherman is the versatility, being able to roam the field and being able to go inside. [He's] so tall, he has trouble unlocking his hips and things like that and having sudden quickness. But like I said, we have a lot of similarities. He’s a great corner, he plays the game great and he plays his scheme great.”

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Info & Stats:  BYU Quarterback

All Topics: Anxious for the season to start | His 2013 Season | Learning a new system last year | His individual season was satisfying | 8-5 record in 2013 | His interception total was too high last season | Texas game in 2013 | Chemistry | Playing with close friends | Steve Young’s complements | Learning how to be a quarterback at BYU | Tradition of BYU quarterbacks | Jim McMahon | Manning Passing Camp | Working with top collegian quarterbacks at the camp

July 31st 2014

Taysom on playing quarterback at BYU: “An intricate job.”

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Hour 1

#Moneyball Is Trending | Stand Down, Dave | Arian Foster Talks With The Presser | Sharknado 2 

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Apparently someone brought a phone to former NBA Commissioner David Stern’s cabana in the Caribbean, because between his Pina coladas and pedicures, he told the AP how proud he is of his protégé Adam Silver, quote: “He’s done great.  He has been forceful, he has been reflective, he has been buttoned-down and I think he also demonstrated a compassionate side as well.”

He went on to say the Donald Sterling situation will quote “end well” for the league.

You’re right, Dave: Silver has done great.  And it’s mostly because you did nothing yourself.  The only reason Silver was in this mess for the last few months is because you refused to do your job and deal with Sterling over the past 30 years.  Silver banned Sterling for life. You.  You would have given him CP-3.  Oh wait….you already did.

Stand down, Dave.  No one wants your opinion on what Silver has done when you yourself did nothing about Sterling for decades.  Actually, that’s not really true.  You did do something.  You gave him a Hall of Fame point guard, which legitimized Sterling and made him tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars.  You think Doc Rivers is there if Chris Paul isn’t?  You think that team sells for 2 billion without CP3?  Keep Silver’s name out your mouth Dave.

You get no credit for him cleaning his mess up, and you’re not getting nearly enough blame for putting them in that position in the first place.  Beat it Dave.  Given that you did nothing then, no one cares what you have to say now.

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Info & Stats: Golden State Warriors Point Guard

All Topics: Team USA Training Camp right now | Winning gold four years ago at the World Championships | Intensity at practice | Anthony Davis | Davis is pretty remarkable | The Warriors firing Mark Jackson | Golden State hiring Steve Kerr | Feeling like they’re a championship quality team | Eager to get some of Kerr’s wisdom | Kevin Love rumors | Doesn’t think Love will be on his team next season | The core of their team is strong | Clippers series | Donald Sterling story breaking during the series | They were close to not playing against the Clippers | His dad’s 50th birthday | His golf game | Scratch golfer

July 31st 2014

Steph on the intensity at Team USA Training Camp: “It’s been hot.”

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If you see the name Billy Beane and #Moneyball trending, you’re probably thinking Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are airing on cable again. Or that old William has just picked up another no-name from the scrapheap and squeezed a few walks and homers out of him. Wrong. And wrong.

Instead, it’s because Beane pulled off a monster trade getting Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes from Boston for Yoenis Cespedes. Beane is an absolute witch.

Raise your hand if you saw that coming. Especially after, he traded for Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel a few weeks ago. But Beane’s in it to win it.  And he just got a battler in Lester. 2.52 ERA, 2 rings, 3 All-Star nods, a no-hitter, and he’s beaten cancer. You want a guy with playoff experience? 4-1 with a 1.56 ERA in last year’s title run.

Now you’re looking at a postseason rotation with Lester, Shark, and Scott Kazmir, and Sonny Gray, who are both 12-3 on the year. Used to be that Beane would find diamonds in the rough, piece together a Frankenstein team that was just good enough to make the postseason and then get hammered.  And then he’d have to rehash his theory about the playoffs being the ultimate crapshoot where you really never have any control.  Not anymore. The A’s are no longer just a good story: they’re starting to look like a great team.  That A on their lids stays for “All in”.

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Now that she’s finally hired a head coach, apparently Jeanie Buss was ready to hit the couch. The Lakers President tweeted “Does anybody know what time Sharknado2 airs?” Just the entire Internet, Jeanie.

You didn’t even need to watch that thing last night; you could just watch your timeline and save yourself the trouble. The Nado caught lighting in a social networking bottle last summer… But if you thought the idea of dude from 90210 fighting flying sharks would show up way too self-aware in a sequel – you were wrong. That mess was huge again.

Because watching it was great sport: The sport of picking out the biggest loser who agreed to show up in it. Only problem was – it was too easy.  THE NEW YORK METS.  Sharknado 2’s biggest F-lister was MLB’s perennial loser. Citi Field shows up in the middle of the movie and gets man-eaters dropped on it. What a terrible look for your new ballpark. But what a perfect look for the Mets.

At least Andy Dick is there for a check. I know why Biz Markie and Billy Ray Cyrus are there: because they have absolutely nothing better to do.  But why are the Mets there?  Because they’re baseball’s b-lister, that’s why.

I just don’t think we’re going to see Hammerheads attack Yankee Stadium in Part 3… And I doubt Downtown Julie Brown will be in the Wrigley Bleachers for Part 4. This is how far the Mets have fallen; a glaring example of how irrelevant they have become: they’re willing to shill out their ball park for a Tornado that rains sharks. Because they know more people are interested in watching Tara Reid with a chain saw for an arm than David Wright with a bat in his hand.

Turns out Sharknado HASN’T jumped the shark. But the Mets have.

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Info & Stats: Arizona Cardinals Cornerback / Return Man

All Topics: Signing his new record setting contract | Now he can focus on football | Knew the contract was going to get done before the season | Guys he watched growing up | Always wanted to be recognized as the highest paid cornerback in the game | Richard Sherman’s tweets | Teams scheme against him | His twitter battle with Sherman is fun | Him traveling all over the field | Sherman is a great corner | Tyrann Mathieu | His birthday gift to Tyrann | Watches

July 31st 2014

Patrick on signing his new record setting deal: “It has sunk in.”

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Old NFL players will tell you that this is the time of year when it all comes rushing back. When the calendar’s flipping to August, they feel like they should be getting in game shape. Even if their only “game” is checkers with the other inmates.

It sounds like if OJ Simpson were to play any football right now, they’d put 32 at left tackle. The Juice has reportedly ballooned to 300 pounds in prison. Sounds more like The Jamba Juice.

At this point, the glove doesn’t fit… And neither do the trousers. If they re-shot that Hertz commercial right now, he’d be running through the airport and right to the Cinnabon.

But the dude wants to get his groove back and he has started to swap out his famous prison cookies for tuna and veggies. So it begs the question – when you’re dealing with the crippling depression of prison, how do you find the motivation to slim down? Well, inmates have reportedly been calling him “a fat pig,” “an ugly old fat man,” and “The Cookie Monster.”

And easy to see why when you consider he was once reportedly caught by the guards slamming 3 or 4 ice cream sandos and embarrassed in front of the other cons. But none off that helped? Guess what did: Sex. Oadge is worried he won’t be handsome anymore, the sexy letters he gets from women will stop, and if he gets parole in 3 years… He won’t get a date.

Oadge, how do I say this? EAT UP. The kind of woman who would date you will be so medicated- they won’t care if you’re shredded. And if they really are willing to date you, the last thing they’re going to care about is your body, given your body COUNT.  Hey cookie monster- YOLO.  Somebody get Oadge some Oreo’s.

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If you hate the Cowboys and Steelers- I bet you hate Twitter. Because their fans own it.

A new study shows that Dallas and Pittsburgh maniacs are more prevalent on social media than any other fan base. Did they really do a study to tell us that? I’ve been conducting my own informal study, and every time I turn on a Cowboys or Steelers game – both sets of fans, take over the stadium on the road. Of course they’re on Twitter for their team – these are people who will get on a plane for a pre-season game.

Cowboys fans are perfect for Twitter because their team is always a perfect tragedy.  There’s a reason Colts fans ranked 27th – they’re almost always great. Jags Fans are 22nd because they’re almost always terrible. What’s to talk about? But check a Cowboys fan’s timeline around Week 17 and it’s dozens of tweets about “I’m done with this team.”

And Pittsburgh’s even more obvious. If you’re the kind of yinzer who sleeps with your terrible towel, inks terrible tats, and has named your 3 sons “Terry” “Brad” and “Shaw”… You’re spending every Sunday trying to get Steel Curtain, trending.

And let’s not forget- their head coach is the tweeting legend who once vowed to drop nothing but “Straight Fire” with his 140 characters. How can you see your head coach tweet “Merry Christmas” and “Thanks for the birthday wishes” and NOT follow suit with some fire of your own?  Answer is, you can’t.  It’s impossible.

Love ‘em, hate ‘em, block ‘em, mute ‘em…know this.  The Steel City has 6 rings, and they’re officially the Twitter kings. And no one needed some nerdy study to see it.


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