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NFL Betting | Jeff Blair (MLB) Interview | Jason La Canfora (NFL) Interview | Short Segment

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Looking For Good News On A Tuesday | Oscar Pistorius Gets Five Years | Kobe Story | Preview Of A Radio Fight 

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Peyton Manning’ Breaks Brett Favre’s Record | Highlight Tapes | Ross Tucker (NFL) Interview | Tweets

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On October 1, 2013, Lauren Hill, a senior basketball player at Lawrenceburg (Ind.) High School, committed to play college ball at Mount St. Joseph University. Less than two months later, after going to the hospital thinking she had a concussion, tests revealed she had Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, a form of brain cancer.

“I remember thinking to myself, OK, what are they going to do?” Hill told The Jim Rome Show. “I expected them to have some kind of plan and that’s what I was waiting to hear because I just wanted to get back on the court. I wanted to keep playing that year. I didn’t want to stop.”

Hill shared her reaction when the doctors said the tumor was inoperable and the best case scenario was that she had two years to live.

“That was really hard to process,” said Hill. “It’s something that hits home. It really confuses you; it’s like having the rug being pulled out from underneath your feet.”

Hill continued to play her senior year, despite undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, and set her sights on playing for The Mount this season. However, a follow-up MRI last month revealed that the tumor had grown even larger.

With the tumor progressing faster than expected, Mount St. Joseph’s received permission from the NCAA to move their originally scheduled game against Hiram College from Nov. 15 to Nov. 2. Additionally, the game has been moved to Xavier University’s Cintas Center to accommodate a larger crowd, something Hill is very excited about.

“I think it’s going to be a really, really big day,” said Hill. “I’m still shell-shocked at how far this story is getting because I never would have expected it to reach this many people. I’m speechless right now.”

Over the past year, Hill has decided to attack her situation and do as much as she can to help others who face the same fight.

“I know that this is a disease that mostly affects little kids,” said the 19-year-old. “I’m old enough to express my symptoms and talk to the doctors clearly about what’s happening to me and what’s going through my mind. Kids don’t have the words or the ability to articulate what’s happening to them. So I need to be the voice for little ones.”

Despite facing terminal cancer, Hill has truly embraced being a role model for others, while fighting for her life.

“I’ve always tried to be somebody to be looked up to,” said Hill. “[The response has] just gotten so big, I’m just really honored and grateful. I feel so blessed that this is all happening.”

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The Giants Win The Pennant | Boomer Esiason (NFL) Interview | Lauren Hill (College Basketball) Interview | Hill Reaction 

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At this point, it’s pretty clear that Jameis Winston is going to start tomorrow night against #5 Notre Dame. And it’s pretty clear that Florida State couldn’t care less about him being involved in a potential autograph scandal.

According to ESPN, the James Spence authentication website has more than 2,000 items with Jameis Winston’s John Hancock.

Worse yet, according to ESPN, Florida State hasn’t reached out to the company to ask any questions. I’d say nice investigating, but it sounds like they’ve already done their investigation – Jimbo Fisher asked Jameis if he took money and Jameis said he didn’t, so case closed.

I mean why would he lie to his coach about it, right? We’re to believe he signed 2,000 items and he didn’t get anything for it? Are we that stupid? Is FSU that stupid? Is Jameis that stupid? From Free Shoes University to Free Signatures University, I guess.

Way to handle yourselves, FSU.  Nice to see you leading from the front, Jimbo. What a joke.

Then again after seeing how authorities handled Winston’s sexual assault investigation, this is no shock at all.  Because clearly, that entire town will do whatever it can to protect their guy, regardless of what he does. And while it may affect how everyone outside of Tallahassee sees him, including the folks who matter to him most, NFL people…don’t expect any of this to rattle the reigning Heisman winner.  J-dub loves acting a fool. He thrives on it.  He’ll probably have the best game of his season, if not his career tomorrow night. Jimbo Fisher knows that, which is why he always enables him. He knows he’ll only have this guys a few more months, and will do whatever he can to keep him on the field, so he can he ride him to another title and fat raise.

Standard op for the Seminoles: just bury your head in the sand and try to ride ignoramus to another title. Once again, SMH FSU.

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Need a little nightmare fuel for the weekend? Blake Griffin’s got you covered. He contributed a tale to Derek Jeter’s website, and if Russ Wilson admitting he used to bully kids was shocking, hearing that Don Sterling was a lecherous fiend is not even slightly surprising.

Griffin tells the story of meeting his boss for the first time in 2009 at a white party in Malibu. You hear that Bigotron is having a “white party” and you hope it’s not a Klan rally.  Instead it was the slimy old racist dragging his new rookie around like a piece of property. You know that thing elderly women do where they grab the top of your hand with just their fingers and lead you around? That’s what he was doing… I tried to pull my hand away. Nope. Things were about to get weirder.”

Does it gets weirder than an old man going grandma and holding hands all afternoon with his star player???  Shoot, if Donnie could have, you know he would have had Griffin on a leash.   Just as you know there are probably hundreds of other stories just like this one.

Bigotron holding court in a mansion, showing off his new players to hired escorts and Malibu’s elite.  Every top Clippers draft pick could probably tell you the same story.  I just don’t think that Jerry Reinsdorf was inviting Derrick Rose to his weird mansion parties, and I bet Tom Benson has never once held Anthony Davis’s hand.

But this little story is reason 5,000 that the Clippers are excited about their new owner.  And proof that Bigotron was probably creepier with his own players than he was with his Silly Rabbit.  I don’t know about you, but I sleep much better at night knowing new owner Steve Ballmer won’t be throwing down for escorts for his players, not inviting them into the locker room to watch the players shower.

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The Giants win the pennant. The Giants win the pennant. San Fran gets its 3rd NL crown in 5 years, MVP Maddy Bum crushed 6 beers, and Bruce Bochy was calling his guys “cockroaches.”

But, I don’t see it, skip. They haven’t been under anybody’s boot.  They’re not surviving nuclear fall-out. The Giants have only lost two games in two series. They smacked a more talented team in the Nattys. And they just out clutched the ultimate October team in St. Louis. They’re not cock roaches. They’re pitbulls.

Scrapping and biting for every run all month until they finally decided to start jumping ship last night.  Six straight games with no home runs, and then a game five hat trick and a historic home run. Quoting the jubilant Kung Fu Panda: “Now what are they gonna say? We got three of ‘em baby!”

And all three from a different, scrapper baby. Rookie Joe Panik who was in Triple A back in May? Homer, baby! Pinch hitter Mike Morse who hadn’t hit a bomb since August? Homer, baby! And a Travis Ishikawa who was with the Fresno Grizzlies in July?

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Info & Stats:  Mount St. Joseph University Forward

All Topics: Her birthday last year | Accepting a scholarship to Mount St. Joseph University on her birthday last year | Not feeling well during her first few practices during her senior season in high school | Colliding with a teammate in practice | The doctor telling her she had a brain tumor | Doctors telling her she had two years to live | Wanting to continue playing basketball | Wanting to be there for her team | Chemo and radiation | Her message to teammates was to never give up | Her coach | Never give up attitude | Mount St. Joseph moving their game up to Nov. 2nd so she can play | Speechless about how much attention her story has received | Just wanting to play college ball | Her foundation | Feels very blessed

Oct 17th 2014

Lauren explains her thoughts when doctors told her she had two years to live: “Really hard to process.”

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What do you know… The first NFL game of the Week 7 may also be its best game.

Thursday nighters are terrible? Your take is terrible.  We need to do something about these games?  You’re right- add more of them.  Because all the chirpers who were squaking about Thursday night blowouts aren’t saying squat after Pats-Jets.  One team always gets choked out in the first half?  There was 5 lead changes over 4 quarters.  It’s always 21-0 before the first commercial break? There was never a lead bigger than 8.  These poor teams don’t have time to prepare? The Jets haven’t looked more prepared in 3 years. Best game they’ve played this season was on a short week.

The only folks who should be bent about last night are the slipper model under center and the scrooge in the sweatshirt.  Because the Pats were a last second kick away from losing to a 1-5 team… yet they were partying like they just won the AFC.

Billy B was smiling like he’s headed to his 6th Super Bowl. Not likely.  In fact, based on what I saw last night- the Pats look more like one-and-doners. The hapless Jets ran all over them… the Pats forced zero turnovers, and they took 12 rounds of body shots from a team that’s only beaten the Raiders. You beat big Rex, Billy. Big deal. You almost always do.

Again, awesome game for everybody watching at home. Ugly game for the home team.  And while they may be enough to beat the one of the worst teams in the league, it will be just enough to get you smashed by the best.  Stop celebrating.  You beat the Jets in mid-October, not the Seahawks in early February.

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