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NFL on CBS analyst Boomer Esiason thinks the criticism directed at Roger Goodell for not viewing the Ray Rice elevator video until this week is unfair.

“I hate the fact that people are going at him for not looking at this video,” Esiason told The Jim Rome Show. “I think Steve Bisciotti of the Ravens basically said it and said it right – we did not look at the video, we wanted to believe in Ray Rice, we know Ray Rice, we know the Ray Rice before this, we made a mistake by not going deeper and asking for that video and we were as startled as anyone else when we saw it. I know that’s how the commissioner felt.”

However, Esiason acknowledged the Commissioner mishandled the process from the start.

“He invited a victim of domestic violence in his office with her husband and that’s Janay Rice. He listened intently to her impassioned plea to spare her husband,” said Esiason. “Many people will you that was the wrong thing to do because of Janay Rice’s mental state at that point. I think he made a serious error, which he did fess up to, by the way.”

The former quarterback said Goodell doesn’t have the background to understand where a victim of domestic violence is coming from.

“Many people in the world of domestic violence from everything that I’ve read, the experts, people who have been through it, think that there’s a very good chance that Janay Rice could be in denial. [She] could be dealing [with post-traumatic stress] or could also be dealing with battered woman syndrome,” said Esiason. “You take all of that stuff into account and you realize that the commissioner doesn’t really have the capacity to sit there and really make a sound judgment when he listened to an impassionate plea from a victim in this case.”

Esiason believes this could be a learning experience for Goodell.

“I think we all think that these commissioners are all-knowing and all-seeing,” said Esiason. “Maybe there needs to be a little bit of a self-realization here for Roger Goodell, that maybe he was in over his head.”

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Ravens vs. Steelers | Boomer Esiason (NFL) Interview | Ray Rice Supporters At The Game | Goodell Fail

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What do you know; we got a feel good story to end a rough week. The Ravens come together, their fans come strong, and Baltimore gets a big win over their arch rival. FINALLY- something good happens to a franchise that really deserves it.  What a relief.

What a JOKE. Don’t try to sell me for one second on that sappy BS storyline about John Harbaugh leading his guys through the Ray Rice distraction like he’s Vince Lombardi.

This is the same “leader” who crowed for weeks about Rice being a heckuva guy whose left hook was “not a big deal.”

The same coach who was dodging questions and bullying reporter’s just days ago. Coach of the year, or Bag of the Year?.

And there were dozens of Ravens fans clipping at his heels for that title. Specifically –

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And as for the “ACTUAL” football, excuse me if I don’t start slobbering all over about how focused and efficient the Ravens were.  Stop acting like that win was akin to the Saints returning to the Superdome after Katrina. Let’s be real- the Ravens didn’t win last night because they were Teflon. They rolled because the Steelers were garbage.

Coach Johnboy almost tore his rotator cuff patting himself on the back afterwards, saying that while the franchise was scrambling and stuttering all week- the players were in the “football cocoon.”

Yeah either your guys lived in a cocoon, or their guys looked like they were concussed. They forced no turnovers. They didn’t sack big slow Flacco even once. And they made Owen Daniels look like Jimmy Graham, Tony Gonzalez and Gronk combined. Steel Curtain?  Looked more like SHOWER curtain.

And the offense was even worse – Big Ben was picked off by a three and a half biller!  I know that Steelers aren’t what they used to be… But I still didn’t think they’d lose to Baltimore by 23 on National TV.


Roethlisberger was selling the “we beat ourselves” BS… But for once I think I actually believe it.  They were so flat; it was almost like that was the game plan. Like they were looking to hook up their beleaguered AFC North brothers with a special night.


The National Leaguers putting pitches on a tee for Derek Jeter were embarrassed by the Steelers no-showing for the team that embraced the wife beater.  John Harbaugh’s team didn’t man up. Mike Tomlin’s lied down. Straight fire.

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Back to Roger Goodell and how badly he butchered the Ray Rice case.  Check this unbelievable report from the Wall Street Journal.  An anonymous owner told the Journal:  “In conversations about the Rice case over the summer, the owner said, Goodell privately told other owners that during his investigation, in a meeting with the Rice’s in June, Janay Rice said she had struck her then-fiancée and that she believed she was partly at fault for the incident. Goodell also said he left the meeting believing that Janay Rice had become unconscious because she had fallen during the scuffle.” Genius.

I can’t decide which is more disturbing – Goodell agreeing that Janay was at fault, because that’s what he essentially did by believing her story. Or believing that she had “become unconscious because she had fallen during the scuffle.”

That’s like saying she got a black eye because she bumped into a doorknob. Forget being trained in understanding domestic violence, Rog, have you ever seen a Lifetime movie? Abuse victims frequently say the abuse is their fault, when it’s not, to cover for their abuser. Especially in a situation where the abuser is potentially facing the loss of millions of dollars in income.

Don’t want to challenge her story to her face? Fine. Get the video. Or check out the original criminal complaint that was filed in February and clearly states that Ray hurt her “specifically by striking her with his hand, rendering her unconscious.”

Nothing ambiguous about that. And no mention of her falling down and becoming unconscious. If you took her comments at face value, it’s because you wanted to. And because you wanted to ignore evidence to the contrary. You were in way over your head, dude. Just admit it. You screwed it up from the beginning because you thought you could handle this, you thought you knew what you were doing and you couldn’t have been more wrong.

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I get that everybody overreacts after Week 1, but the second I saw Antonio Brown go Liu Kang on a punter’s face… I knew that moment had a shot of going wire to wire for Play of the Year.



In fact, as far as I’m concerned… You can have Franco Harris, Frank Wycheck and Dwight Clark making miracles. Gimme Tony Brown playing Mortal Kombat in the middle of a punt return as the greatest play ever. At least it was going to be. Until everybody started trying to ruin it. From the second Brown’s cleats left Spencer Lanning’s grill… Everything’s gone terribly.

First, the two stars aren’t getting along. Brown says he and Spence had a laugh about it after the game.  If that’s the case, why doesn’t Lanning think it’s funny?  It’s because he says he and Brown never talked. I don’t know, Spencer… you could have spoken to JAMES Brown and probably wouldn’t have even remembered it.

Then the trolls got to chirping, and Spence had to remove Twitter from his phone because they wouldn’t leave him alone. You idiots are going to ruin this! And so is the NFL, which just fined Brown 82-hundo for the kick. Lighten up, No Fun League. He kicked a dude named “Lanning,” not Manning. I know you have to protect defenseless players, but there needs to be a loophole for dropping Van Dammage on punters.

It’s one piece of tape I’m POSITIVE everybody in the league office saw, and if they say they didn’t laugh- they’re lying. Enter the Dragon again, Antonio. Jump kick another punter and we’ll start a kickstarter to pay for it.

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Usually when I’m talking about Giancarlo Stanton and sound, it’s because the sound of the ball coming off his bat is unlike anyone else in the majors.  Unfortunately, today, I’m talking about the sound of the ball hitting his face.  And it was sickening.  And left him lying in the batter’s box with blood pouring from his face.



Sickening. That’s ball on face, but it sounds like rawhide on wood.  And no, it wasn’t intentional. All you had to do was check the reaction from Milwaukee pitcher Mike Fiers after the pitch and after the game. He was devastated.

And rightly so, because it was a devastating moment, not just for Stanton, or the Marlins, but for the sport. The MLB leader in runs batted in and the NL leader in homers, and a leading candidate for MVP, lying on the field with multiple facial fractures and blood streaming.

The only good news is that he won’t require major surgery. This guys supposed to be blasting it 450 feet, not fracturing his face and cracking his teeth.

I’m just relieved he’s alive. Because we just saw a nastier head shot in MLB than we’ll see all season in the NFL.

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Great news for 50 Cent, that Cincy Mayor and Baba Booey.  Joakim Noah just proved that sailing it 50 feet wide isn’t the worst look for a first pitch. Asking for second one is.

Big Jo bounced one badly at the White Sox game, only to run it back so he could get it over the plate.



Terrible. I’d rather watch Noah barely get it off the mound before I see him get a second chance. It’s first PITCH. Not first pitches. You don’t get to work the count.

The whole novelty of the concept is seeing if a celeb can live up to the pressure. Jo buckled under it.  It’s not a free throw big man, there’s not a second one.

If Chris Sale starts a game with a ball high… Robin Ventura doesn’t run out of the dugout and demand he gets a mulligan.

Jo- at your job, when those dorks try to win a car by hitting a shot from half court… They don’t get to shoot again when they come up 20 feet short.

A first pitcher getting a do-over is like the golfer who keeps dropping a second ball in the tee box when his first one hit a house. And of course it started with Carl Lewis. All game day celebrity interactions do. When Carl dealt that 6 food slide piece… It hadn’t left his hand for a half-second before he was asking for it back to “make up for it now.”



But I expected better from Jo. He’s an All-Star NBAer who can knock down the midranger. I’ve seen teenage pop stars throw the ball better than that. And when they didn’t- they weren’t asking for it back.

Joakim – if you ever take the mound again, remember the words of an NBA legend. Whether you bounce it 10 feet short and airmail it 20 feet high…..BALL. Don’t. Lie.

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Info & Stats: Buffalo Bills Cornerback

All Topics: Chicago Week 1 | Chicago’s wideouts | His team being under the radar | Jay Cutler | Cutler likes to force things | Fred Jackson’s stiff arm of Chris Conte in overtime | Fred Jackson can still play | EJ Manuel’s speech before the Chicago game | Miami game | Miami’s run game | His hip surgery | His run in Buffalo | First few seasons in Buffalo were up and down | His introduction to Doug Marrone | Marrone having confidence in him | Playing in Buffalo is crazy | Team ownership

Sept 12th 2014

Leodis on Fred Jackson: “He’s just an awesome teammate.”

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Info & Stats: Former NFL Quarterback and Current CBS NFL Analyst

All Topics: Baltimore beating Pittsburgh last night | Controversial hits last night | Ray Rice elevator video | The elevator video made him angry | The victim of the video is Janay Rice | Ray Rice’s future | 2nd chances in America | Roger Goodell’s handling of the Ray Rice case | The backlash of Rice’s initial two game suspension | Prosecutor in Atlantic City slapping Rice on the wrist | The Commissioner being in over his head with the Rice case |

Sept 12th 2014

Boomer’s reaction to watching the Ray Rice elevator video: “It made me very angry.”

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