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Cincinnati Bengals’ defensive end Carlos Dunlap said the reason he flashed Johnny Manziel’s money sign after sacking the rookie in last weekend’s 30-0 win was because he wanted to send a message to the Cleveland quarterback making his first NFL start.

“We get money too,” Dunlap told The Jim Rome Show. “Anytime you get a sack basically it’s like getting dollar signs so why not mock Johnny Manziel in doing it.”

The Bengals’ shutout of Cleveland was the fifth-year pro’s first ever.

“I’ll never forget that one and it was versus Johnny Football,” Dunlap laughed. “I’m getting a football made for my basement now as we speak.”

Dunlap knows exactly what inscription he wants on the football too.

“I’m going to put my first shutout in the NFL and then I’m going to get the picture of me doing the dollar sign,” said Dunlap. “I’m not going to put Johnny Manziel on there but it’s going with me doing the dollar sign. I will always remember what game it was.”

Dunlap still believes Manziel has an opportunity to be a good player in the NFL, but after last week’s buildup to their game, the former Heisman winner didn’t have a chance.

“Everybody knows the publicity of the game,” Dunlap said. “If you were hanging out with us all week you would see how many people put that in our face. Especially when we went out to eat in Cleveland, because we always go out to eat in every city we’re in, everybody was ‘Johnny Football this, Johnny Football that’ so when we got a chance to put it on him we put it on him.”

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Rajon Rondo Trade | Boomer Esiason (NFL) Interview | Philip On Twitter | Padres Taking Big Swings

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The Mavs have their man. We’ve seen Mavericks owner and Shark Tanker Mark Cuban shoot down deals for a 

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And then there were two. Of the Oakland A’s seven All-Stars from last season. Only two remain.

But that makes sense. Who wants seven All-Stars on one roster? The A’s sent catcher Derek Norris to the Padres yesterday, leaving just Sean Doolittle and Scott Kazmir as the sole All-Stars in A’s jerseys this season.

You know the term, too much of a good thing is a bad thing? Well, the A’s believe too much of a bad thing is a good thing. Too many empty seats in the Oakland Coliseum provides you the ability to use the tarps with your teams’ logo on it. Too many low budget players gets you a book/movie deal starring Brad Pitt. Too many playoff losses allows the stadium to be freed up for Raiders games… you get the idea.

So the A’s figured, too many untalented players should produce something great, right? Maybe Oakland just wants to field the most ironic team in baseball. You know, fielding a team wearing Athletics on their chest, when they’re anything but.

Every time the A’s flame out in the postseason, GM Billy Beane reminds folks the playoffs are the ultimate crapshoot.  It essentially comes down to luck: either you have it or don’t.  Actually, what it comes down to is players; either you have them or you don’t.  And this year, they definitely don’t.  Someone tell Jonah Hill to start eating again and sign him up for the sequel.

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Panic in Los Angeles on Thursday. Not an earthquake. Not an amber alert. Not a closure of the carpool lane. Vin Scully lost his championship ring. The LA Dodgers sounded the alarm on Twitter, asking the entire city to circle the wagons for the National Treasure.

And the worst part was-  Mr. Scully lost his ring at Costco.  See ya. It’s gone. Find me someone who’s ever not lost something at Costco.  It’s a hellfire of SUV-sized shopping carts and folks throwing elbows to get to the sample tables.  People lose children in that store. The only thing you don’t lose in a Costco… Is savings!

But there’s no way you’re going to find something as small as a ring. It’s hard enough to find the pickles… And they come in jars as big as trash cans.

If it was anybody else losing their ring, they better just buy another one. Because every single shopper in Costco is out for themselves. You have to be. It’s not even shopping. It’s surviving. If you’re going to navigate that Demolition Derby, keep an eye on your kids, grab the 12 liter Grey Goose, the 15 Gallon Mayo, wait in line for a hot dog… .AND snag a slab of salami on a crostini….  You don’t have time to help some old man find his heirloom. Tough break Gramps, but those hamhocks are going fast, move it or lose it.

And even if you had the time, and did find the ring, there’s no way you’re giving it back.  It’s a freaking World Series ring: it’s like finding a $30 thousand dollar bill.  And if you’re shopping a Costco, you’re not returning it.  You’re turning it into 10,000 industrials sized containers of peanut butter.

But Vin Scully is royalty. The entire city would have shut down if he even lost his iPhone.  The whole store rallied, and eventually it was found in the bottom of a bag by his wife Sandi.  He got his ring back… AND he brought home some dinosaur sized rib racks.

It’s a Christmas Miracle at Costco. As Jolly Old St. Magic so eloquently put it-  Please give it up for Vince.

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The Matt Kemp to San Diego trade is finally official after a minor delay over Kemp’s physical, which revealed arthritis in both of his hips.   Arthritis?  Bad hips? Is Matt Kemp my grandma? You know it’s bad when Vin Scully has better hips than you.

However, even bad hips couldn’t stop Matt Kemp in the second half of last season.  Dude probably slammed a few Werther’s Originals on his way to 17 home runs, 54 RBI’s and a .309 average after the All-Star break.

Bad hips or not, this is the guy the Padres needed. A big bat that can be the face of a franchise that hasn’t had one in years.  And they got the Dodgers to pay a big chunk of his salary.  Win-win.

The Dodgers had too many outfielders and the Padres didn’t have enough.  And as long as the Padres can keep him together, they’ll finally have the masher they need.

In the meantime, be sure to hook him up with one of those craftmatic adjustable beds and that chair that slides up and down the bannister on the staircase. Oh and a ramp leading into the dugout. And a topped off oxygen tank that he can drag out to the outfield with him.

Padre fan, I like this deal. And I know you do too.  And if you want to let Kemp know it, just look for him in the players’ lot.  He’ll be rolling that big ol Buick; the one with the blinker light still on. Go get em grandpa.

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From a guy spitting fire.. To a guy who was alive when they invented it.  Can someone please get Philip Jackson a glass of warm milk and tuck him into bed? At least take away his Twitter. Because he shouldn’t be using it to talk about his team.

The Knicks are New York’s biggest embarrassment. They’re worse than the Jets, they’re not even close to the Mets, and yet their cantankerous old Team President wants everybody to shut up about them .

Upset with Charles Barkley’s commentary during Knicks-Bulls, Philip tweeted “Do I have to mute this game? Chuck just remember your fundamental… Key to [triangle].”

Dude- did you really just use an emoticon for “Triangle?” Who taught you that – your great granddaughter? Didn’t want to hit Chuck with the old “colon-capital P”* razzberry face?  Chuck hit him right back with some truth. “He’s too old to be tweeting. Phil’s gotten sensitive in his old age.”

He’s been sensitive for decades. Now he just has a platform. And of course wants to MUTE the game. There’s nothing more OLD GUY – than just wanting some Dang peace and quiet! Phil- you know who else wants you to mute the game? Your neighbors. You’re probably watching it with the volume turned up to 80 so you can actually hear it.

I’m actually shocked Phil cared enough to watch the game at all. Pops, they’re paying you $12 mill per year, your team has lost 13 of 14 and it will probably get worse before it gets better…  so , this is not the time to be jumping on Twitter and getting all ornery. Just put your jitterbug phone down, and finish another crossword.  Paint some tiny soldiers. And leave Twitter alone, Bitterman.

It’s past your bedtime, and the only thing that should be muted is your timeline.

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What have I been saying for months? The NFC South isn’t the worst division in football. It’s the best. It’s definitely the funniest.

Three teams fighting for the right to get hammered in their own house in the playoffs next month is hilarious. And the best part is- none of them are in on the joke.  I know the Falcons and Saints aren’t. Because they’re acting like they’re both 12-2 and their little slap fight on Sunday is the NFC title game.

Saints corner Keenan Lewis threw a drink in the Falcons face when he said this game is going to be their funeral.  Yeah, well, at at least one Falcon is still alive and kicking.  And it’s a guy who isn’t even playing. Sean Weatherspoon is on injured reserve, but he’s also on Twitter sending The Saints to the cemetery. Check out this scalding hot fire. “The Aints are way too sorry to have our names in their mouth! Our team will be bringing a boom to the bayou!!”   “Aint” Smack from the Spoon??? SHUT IT DOWN, LET’S GO HOME!!! Actually- don’t… He’s bringing the heat with another tweet.  And the forecast calls for FLAMES. “That last tweet was for you Aints fans that act like they have just kicked our ass since 2010!!” Third degree burn!

I’d hit that with a Retweet, but my fingers are on fire from the Spoon spitting Lava. You think you’re getting that from the AFC West? The AFC East? The NFC South is a beast. Best division in football.

And Sean Weatherspoon snapping the Aints’ back, is the nastiest smack from the ATL since Ray Buchanan went out Shannon Sharpe with equine smack.

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Jets dee end Sheldon Richardson believes he’s the best defensive lineman in the NFL… even better than potential MVP J.J. Watt.

Check Sheldon trying to sell it, quote: “J.J. Watt, he’s got a few more sacks than me, but it’s the same type of disruption… He’s a little more active, I’ll give you that, but we have the same type of determination, same heart, same skills. He scores touchdowns, I score touchdowns.”

But you know what J.J. Watt doesn’t do? He doesn’t tell us he’s the best defensive lineman in the NFL. Why? Because he doesn’t have to.

If you have to tell the world that you’re better than someone else, odds are, you’re not better than that person.

Then again, Richardson is the same guy from Mizzou who said Georgia played “old man football” before the Bulldogs went into Columbia and beat up the Tigers 41-20 in their first SEC game.

Shell, I think when you say he’s a little more active, you mean he’s a lot more EFFECTIVE.  Sheldon, you just play football, and we’ll do the talking for you. If you’re the best d-lineman in the NFL, we’ll tell you. We don’t need you to tell us.

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Jags v. Titans… Was it good for you?  I know it was terrible for Jacksonville. Because even when they win, they actually lose.  Jacksonville –  21, Tennessee  – 13.   Draft Pick – Plummeting.

Congrats on beating the worst team in the NFL on your home field and everything…but I guarantee in about 5 months when guys are flying off their Draft Day want list, Jags brass are going to be throwing things in their War Room because they didn’t lie down last night.

Hey Jordan Todman.. Or Todd Jordan.. Or whoever you are – you picked the wrong time to break out your

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