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The NFL Today on CBS analyst Boomer Esiason said it was evident there’s tension in the Washington Redskins’ locker room between Robert Griffin III and some teammates after the quarterback’s presser following their 27-7 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Esiason thinks the first year Redskins’ head coach put the face of the franchise in his place.

“Jay Gruden really stuck his neck out, I think he’s trying to take this thing head,” Esiason told The Jim Rome Show. “I think RG3 probably needs to be dialed back a little and I think from listening him the rest of the week I think he’s getting the message.”

Esiason said if the Redskins want to be competitive Griffin needs to co-exist with Gruden, but isn’t sure the team’s owner sees it that way.

“You got Mike Shanahan fired already because they couldn’t get along,” said Esiason. “If Dan Snyder is stupid enough to think this quarterback is the one that should be leading this team as opposed to the head coach well then they’re going to mirrored in mediocrity for years and years and years and years and years to come and maybe that’s why they’re right now, I don’t know.”

The 1988 NFL MVP says coddling Griffin isn’t going to get you anywhere and hopes, finally, a head coach in Washington is given the power to do it his way.

“You’ve got to let the guy who’s coaching your team have his way with the players on the field and not to suck up to these players anymore,” said Esiason. “Hopefully Dan Snyder’s going to learn that and hopefully Jay Gruden’s going to be able to turn it around to change the culture there in Washington.”

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Just Win, Baby!! | Boomer Esiason (NFL) Interview | Sio Moore’s Sack Celebration | Clippers Road Trip

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It’s gonna be a Happy Thanksgiving for the Peterson family.

Turkey, cran, stufffing… And daddy won’t be stuffing leaves in the kids’ mouths.  I’m sure it’ll be a much more festive atmosphere knowing that if you spill the gravy, you won’t have to take the switch.

Because Daddy Peterson says he won’t be using them anymore. He told the USA Today “I won’t ever use a switch again.” 

Bravo, Daddy P. Father of the year.  But as a point of clarification, are you emptying your toolbox or just taking the switch out of it.  Are you keeping your belts and paddles or are you ditching them as well? And if so, how are you going to discipline one of your kids if he draws on the wall or spills his milk in your car.  If you can’t go to the switch then what, A.P.: “”timeout, taking their toys away, making them take a nap. There’s so many different ways to discipline your kids.” 

Great stuff there, super nanny. You’re a regular Dr. Spock.  AP rattles off those strategies they’re all incredible revelations. Anybody who has read one sentence of a baby book, taken one minute to educate themselves, or has even one speck of common sense knows all that already.

So to the question of is he saying it because he believes it or is he saying it because he wants to play again.  I’m going to assume the latter since he originally said he wouldn’t quote eliminate whooping his kids.

Question… if you’re no longer whooping your kids, what happens to that whooping room in your house?  Here’s hoping he turns it into a man cave.  Or better yet, a playroom for the kids that he used to beat in there.

But I doubt that’ll happen.  Dude’s all about himself.  And the kids probably have no interest in entering a room that they’ll have nightmares about for the rest of their lives, anyway.

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Bernard Hopkins is still fighting at nearly 50 years old. But he’s getting clowned by the dude from 9 and a half weeks.

62 year old Mickey Rourke is getting into the boxing ring. Not Mickey Ward.  Rourke.  That award winning actor from Iron Man 2 and The Wrestler. Who’s he fighting…? Michael Douglas or Richard Gere? This isn’t some celebrity boxing thing either, where he’s collecting a check to put on head gear and box Kato Kaelin or Dustin Diamond. He’s boxing for real, in Russia against a professional opponent.

And yes… I know Rourke has spent a lot of time in the ring. And I know he’s had a lot of amateur fights. But does he know that most of those fights were in the 1960s? And if you need any proof that Rourke probably shouldn’t put the gloves on… Don’t bother watching him shadow box or hit the speed bag… Just take one glance at a his face? Does that look like a guy who can handle himself between the ropes? C’mon Mick. One more fight and the only role you’ll ever get is the lead in the Bruce Jenner bio pic.

I don’t care that the can he’s fighting is 1-9. He’s only 29! When Rourke was the pope of Greenwich Village….his opponent wasn’t even born.  I respect that aging artists have passions.

And everybody’s got a bucket list. But I don’t think Morgan Freeman is going to get in the octagon. No way Michael Keaton hits the half pipe at the X Games.

This is big Mick’s battiest sports moment since he said he bet Usain Bolt in a race.

Protect yourself at all times my man- and good luck slapping together yet another new face.

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Info & Stats: Yahoo Sports Columnist

All Topics: Cleveland Cavs starting the season 5-5 | Cavs defense | David Blatt’s NBA learning curve | LeBron James not looking like himself | LeBron and Blatt’s relationship | Blatt will be really good eventually | Los Angeles Lakers | Lakers needing a Top 5 pick | Lakers are in for a long rebuilding project | Dwight Howard’s image | Howard’s and Kobe’s history | Clippers perimeter defense | CP3’s play |

Nov 21st 2014

Adrian on David Blatt: “I think he’s going to be really good.”

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Buffalo is buried in snow, and Detroit has come to the rescue.  The Bills will still host the Jets, but they’ll do it Monday night at Ford Field, in 72 degrees and without any risk whatsoever.

This is a best-case scenario, so don’t tell me it’s some kind of bum-out.  I get it. Snow football is awesome. Whether it’s playing with your uncles in the backyard or watching the gunslinger at Lambeau.  But smashing each other in a snow globe is one thing.  Playing an NFL while risking a natural disaster is another.

So save your, I thought this was football! The wussification nation wins again! Bart Starr would have played on Sunday!  No he wouldn’t have.  Not if he couldn’t get to the stadium he wouldn’t.

That’s not the ice bowl out there. 

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Check it out, L.A…. I think the Clippers are finally awake. The Clip Show has looked like your standard Beverly Hills housewife– drifting through the days on expensive pills and win.

But I like what I see from their change of scenery: they hit the road and suddenly there are signs of life and some electricity.  Sometimes laying the wood to some lames from the east is exactly what sputtering teams in the west need. The Clips hit the right coast and punked Orlando… Then dropped down to South Beach last night and make a joke of the Heat.

If Heat fan doesn’t show up until the middle of the first quarter, they were leaving halfway through the second. Because even Chris Bosh admitted this thing was over.

Special shout out to DeAndre Jordan for his perfect game. They’ve gotten pretty played in MLB, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in the Association. D… Went for 12 points… On 6 dunks. Not even so much as a tap-in or a garbage put-back.

Doc Rivers says it was “rare” – I say it shouldn’t be. Not with this team not this year. DeAndre and Blake could go double perfect game if CP3′s tossing peas and they’re actually awake.

Last night was one of the first times I’ve recognized that team I saw last season. The contenders who turned every night into a track meet.  They finally went from Ambien to 5-Hour Energy.  They’re still not playing nearly enough dee.  Or doing the dirty work on the glass.  And I have no idea how you play 48 minutes and come away without a single block.

But at least now they have a pulse.

And we’ll find out on Sunday at Memphis if they have a spine. The grindhouse is a baaad team with the best record in the league. Congrats Clip Show. You woke up; now try not to nap it out in Memphis.

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Rrrrrrrrraiders win!!  The Raiders didn’t just beat Kansas City. They beat history. They beat infamy. They beat Wikipedia. You’ll never read about this team going 0-16. And you could almost see it coming.

What did I say right here yesterday? This is the best 0-10 team these eyes have ever seen. They were a play here, a play there from being 1-9. Well last night one of those plays was a 90-yard run. Somewhere up in that big stadium in the sky, there’s an old man in a jump suit having a chuckle:  Latavius Murray,

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Info & Stats: Former NFL Quarterback and Current CBS NFL Analyst

All Topics: Boomer’s weekend | Oakland getting their first win | Sio Moore’s celebration | Derek Carr | The eye test tells you Carr can throw | Oakland’s next head coach | Denver’s problems | Miami might be catching Denver at the right time | The NFL moving the Buffalo vs. Jets game to Detroit | Thinks Tom Coughlin’s coaching for his job | RG3 | RG3’s post-game comments | Jay Gruden and RG3’s relationship |

Nov 21st 2014

Boomer on Oakland getting their first win: “I’m happy for them.”

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Info & Stats:  Cleveland Indians Pitcher

All Topics: Winning the AL Cy Young Award | Surprised he beat Felix Hernandez for the Cy Young | 2014 was his first full season in the bigs | Stetson University | Minor leagues | His sinker | Being traded by San Diego | Prospect ratings |

Nov 21st 2014

Corey on beating Felix Hernandez for the AL Cy Young Award: “I was honestly surprised.”

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