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Welcome Back LeBron!!! | Boomer Esiason (NFL) Interview | Jimbo And Jameis Interviews | KB’s Costume Guesses 

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New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez’s suspension officially ended when the San Francisco Giants won the World Series last night and Yahoo’s Jeff Passan couldn’t be happier. The MLB columnist says the disgraced slugger is Major League Baseball’s freshest act and ironically the face of America’s most popular franchise.

“With Derek Jeter’s retirement, Alex Rodriguez is sort of the only real Yankee left,” Passan told The Jim Rome Show. “I mean that’s weird to say, Brett Gardner is the other one that is vying for that candidacy, but I think every Yankee fan looks at Alex Rodriguez as the guy who most embodies those glory years of the Yankees. And to have him be that guy and to have him coming back, considering he sued the Yankees, he sued the union, he fought Major League Baseball like he did. This is a guy whose story just keeps getting richer and richer every single day.”

Passan is looking forward to seeing what sort of shape the 14-time All-Star will be in come spring training.

“Is it going to be totally Diesel Rod, where you’re saying God he’s back on it again,” said Passan. “Or is it going to be Frail Old Man Rod? Or is it going to be Lumpy Rod? We don’t know what it’s going to be, that’s the intrigue of this whole thing. You have no idea which Alex Rodriguez is going to show up and whichever it is, it’s going to be a trip.”

If the columnist had to guess which Rodriguez shows up, it’d be a heavier version.
“I think we’re going to have a little Lumpy Rod actually,” said Passan. “I think he’s going to look like a 40-year-old guy. You tell me – if you’re getting paid 20 million dollars a year and you get a year off in the middle of your life, what are you going to do? Are you going to sit there and work out the whole time? Hell no, you’re not going work out the whole time. You’re going to go out and live! That’s what Rod’s been doing – he’s been living.”

Whichever Rodriguez shows up, one thing’s for sure – Passan is just happy the 3-time AL MVP will be back.

“He is decidedly not a tired act,” said Passan. “I’m looking forward to seeing the shenanigans he has in play moving forward, because you know you know there will be shenanigans.”

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Madison Bumgarner Is A Freak | Dirt People Smack | Dan Woike (NBA) Interview | Giant Fan

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I think Eric Decker is a good dude.  A good dude, who had a terrible idea. And I don’t mean jumping from Peyton Manning to Geno Smith in the offseason. I mean jumping on Twitter with a hashtag and asking Jets fans why they love the team. Look Out.

If you’re going to go sprinting through the Twitter minefield and asking fans of a 1-7 team to tweet nice things… You better hide the women and children first. It’s going to get ugly. And I don’t care that he offered them an autographed prize for the best response. He could have offered them a free Bentley and he still would have heard hate for the Jets.  He’s been hurt, he hasn’t produced, the team is terrible… And he’s still sticking his chin out asking fans to say why they’re great.

It’s like a masochistic stunt that Johnny Knoxville would have done.  “Hi, I’m Johnny Knoxville, and this is the Die Hard Jets Fan hashtag.”  Roll the responses!  “Because my Father forced this cursed franchise on me when I was in the womb. #jetsdiehardfan”  “Because they’re an easy win when my team plays them. #jetsdiehardfan” “Because lately they remind me of WWF jobbers from the 80s. #jetsdiehardfan.”  “Because bufffumble. #jetsdiehardfan.”

Deck- you would have been better off getting branded, getting shot out of a cannon, or hitting a half pipe in a shopping cart. Right now engaging with Jets fans is going on Jackass.

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BRADY v.MANNING 16 on Sunday. And as usual, their latest matchup comes with all the extra features you’ve come to expect. All kinds of golly-gee compliments going back and forth, every side-by-side comparison graphic imaginable, and Bill Belichick lying to the world about how much he loves Wes Welker. It’s just the best.

And this is one of the best teams that Peyton’s ever had. Not just his offense.  His entire team.  And that’s what makes  “Peyton v. Brady” such garbage.

This isn’t Shaq v. Hakeem.  They’re not checking each other. Ol Peyt’s not gonna come off the corner and hit Tommy in the back.  But DeMarcus Ware will.  This is much less about Brady v Peyton, and much more about Brady v. Von Miller.

That’s why Vegas likes Denver on the road. And that’s why I think they’ll be right. I saw Denver beat New England pretty convincingly back in January. 10 months later this Broncos team is a lot better than that one. Even with “Big Roberto” Gronking out and Brandon LaFell rising up, Tommy doesn’t have the firepower to just trade touchdowns with Peyt. And I don’t think they have the running game to own the clock.

This game isn’t about some barstool debate over who has the better quarterback. It’s about the fact that Denver has a better D, and a better team. I think they win by 3 points. And then, I think we’get a rematch in 3 months.

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Info & Stats: Toronto Raptors Guard

All Topics: Huge expectations this season | Wining the Atlantic Division last season | Changing the culture in Toronto | Feeling like you need to prove something every time you take the court | World Cup experience | Winning a gold medal | His workouts back in the day

Oct 30th 2014

DeMar’s mentality: “Always have the mindset of being the underdogs.”

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That’s 3 for San Fran!  That’s 3 for them.  And that’s gut-wrenching for KC.

Bumfrancisco just beat Kansas City in the K and denied them their first World Title in 29 years… and did it with maybe the coldest dude ever. How’s that for a 24 hour period, dirt people.  From a 10-0 blowout in Game six, to a door-slamming BUM-OUT in Game 7.

Madbum is a straight up Freak and they just couldn’t break him.  If that Gregor Blanco error happened to anyone else on the Giants.  Shoot any other pitcher in baseball, the Royals are probably the world champs. But they’re not because Madbum turns everybody into chumps.

Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy had to be thinking, if I get an inning of out this guy, great.  Two would be perfect.  Three would be a miracle.  He got 5.  And if they needed 7, he probably would have given them that too.

Bumgarner’s own teammates were so in awe of the freak that they looked like they wanted to ask him for his  autograph instead of shoving him into a dogpile.  The Giants were incredible. But the Bum went legend.  He pretty much singlehandedly won them that World Series.

Kung Fu Panda… Most hits in a postseason EVER. Still wasn’t as big as the Bum. Crazy Hunter Pence… Hit .480 in the World Series! Still not even close the MVP. The only dude in the Show-Me-State with any shot of cracking the Bum was Gregor Blanco.  That boot, in that situation would have rattled most pitchers.  Including everyone throwing their fifth inning, in Game 7 on just two days’ rest.  KC was 90 feet from tying the game and The Bum didn’t even blink.  Just gimme the damn ball and get my beers ready.

Insane. He personally put the Dirt People into the Dirt, and I know it hurts, but for what it’s worth: It’s not about you, KC FAN.  You have nothing to be ashamed of. Because nobody could have beaten this dude.

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Ever been to San Francisco.  It’s an amazing town.  Beautiful.  Sophisticated.  And the folks who live there know it.  And they’re proud of it.  That said, if it’s all that, then why were their own inhabitants burning things in the streets last night like a bunch of frattys? I could live another 1,000 years and I will never understand that.

You just had the biggest win of your entire lives, and the very first thing that goes through your mind is, I need a window to break and a bus to torch!  I mean, I would tell Giant fan to act like they’ve been there before… But they HAVE been there.  Three times in the last five years.

It’s idiotic enough when a long-suffering fan base finally cashes one in, and some dummy among them tries to declare nuclear war on themselves.  But Giants’ fans are using the same gas- can they used in 2012.  Can’t you folks just get blind drunk and run around picking fistfights with Royals’ fans like normal people????  And some of these people look like they’re in their 40s. They’re not in college anymore. And clearly – they never were.

Why would you be destroying property in what might be the nation’s most expensive city? You know how expensive that couch you just lit on fire is? I bet you could buy a Kansas City Condo for one of the throw pillows alone.

You’re also in the Internet capital of the world… San Fran fans of all people should know how fast those torching’s are gonna go viral. Congrats on another title, and enjoy getting a call from the cops once they break down the j-pegs.

I thought San Fran was better than that.  I’m not saying you’re the only ones to do it.  Just the latest.  And the only thing you should be burning right now is salad in a pipe not property in the street.

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Good news for Laker fans – Kobe had 31 in Phoenix last night. Bad news – the team needed him to have 52.

Shoot, Laker fans, how’s the first week of the season treatin ya? Lost to Dwight on opening night. Lost your lottery pick for the season, on opening night. And then got stomped again a night later.  Suns 119, Lakers 99. And those aren’t even the most painful numbers from last night’s Drubbing in the Desert. How about  the Lakers hitting 4 threes and the Suns hitting 16?  Wear that. Or Carlos Boozer going for 4 points, 4 rebounds, and 8 turnovers. Yes, 8. When your starting forward has as many turnovers as he does points and boards COMBINED, that’s not good. Really, really not good. Boozer looked like he’d been boozing it up, because some of the turnovers weren’t even close to being smart basketball plays.

It’s only two games, but these guys are in a bad spot right now. Lost by 18 and then by 20. Back-to-back games and back-to-back beatdowns.

And you know Kobe and Byron are fuming. This has to be killing them. The good news is you’ve got a day off. The bad news is you’ve got a back-to-back with the Clippers and Warriors starting tomorrow. I wish I could tell you this will all be over soon, but it won’t be. 2 down, 80 to go.

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I sat right here yesterday and said the Lakers opening game couldn’t have gone worse. And now I’ll say,  Chicago’s couldn’t have gone any better.  Bulls 104. Philip’s Knicks 80.

And it wasn’t even CLOSE to that close.  If Chicago’s flying out of the gates that fast, and looking that dominant… You’d think Phillip was still coaching them and Ron Harper was running the t with Pip and 45.  Instead it was Derrick Rose alive and well, going for a casual 13 and 5 dimes with Zero injuries.  Fact is- that’s all they NEED from that guy on most nights. Because Thibs’ team is so deep… D-Rose doesn’t HAVE to play like an MVP. Taj Gibson looks like an All-Star, Aaron Brooks came off the bench and looks like Allen Iverson, and did you check Dougie McBuckets? That rook needed exactly one game to find his range. And apparently Pau Gasol just needed a change of scenery.  Yes, Pau is on the Bulls. Yes, it looks really odd seeing the 7 footer in a red gamer. Until you see him work that crazy-skilled inside-outside game and you can picture him in Lakers gamer from 5 years ago.

Pau and Jo Noah are 14 feet of freakery in the paint. And the Bulls look like Beasts.  Their biggest threat in the East may be D-Rose’s knees.

Hey Philp- give them some bleeping credit for REAL.

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